conclusiveness of judgment

conclusiveness of judgment
Verity, finality, and binding effect. 30A Am J Rev ed Judgm § 311. A judgment or an equivalent order is final and conclusive when it terminates a matter in such a way as to end it and to preclude all further inquiry concerning the truth thereof. Re Enger, 225 Minn 229, 30 NW2d 694, 1 ALR2d 1048. The conclusiveness of a judgment is an effect limited to collateral attack; a judgment does not import absolute verity, and is not regarded as conclusive, where it is being subjected to a direct attack by motion to vacate or an appeal. Capos v Clalsop County, 144 Or 510, 25 P2d 903, 90 ALR 289.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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