charged with crime

charged with crime
Accused of the commission of a crime, either formally, as by indictment, information, or affidavit, or informally, as by the statement in writing or by word of mouth that a person is guilty of a specified crime. In an extradition proceeding, the question, whether an accused is "charged with crime" in the demanding state or country, is one of law and open to judicial inquiry. 31 Am J2d Extrad § 54. As the expression is used in the Federal extradition statutes, a person is charged with crime when an affidavit is filed, alleging the commission of the offense, and a warrant is issued for his arrest; and this is true whether a final trial may or may not be had upon such charge. Re Strauss, 197 US 324, 331, 49 L Ed 774, 778.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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