book value

book value
A value, which, in its application to corporate stock, is theoretical only, unless there is stated with it the accounting procedure and formula by which it is determined. Anno: 51 ALR2d 606. By a mere rule of thumb, the book value of corporate stock is the figure obtained upon dividing the amount of the difference between assets and liabilities by the total number of outstanding shares, in other words, the value shown by the balance sheets of the company. Early v Moor, 249 Mass 223, 144 NE 108; 33 ALR 362. The term contemplates a theoretical value resulting from depreciation or appreciation as computed upon an originally determined base, which is supplied by some form of stipulation or acquiescence or through acceptance of particular accounting procedures previously applied. 18 Am J2d Corp § 219. The book value of a partner's interest is the money value of that interest arrived at by taking the total value of the assets of the partnership, as shown on the general ledger and other books of account, and deducting therefrom the total liabilities of the partnership. Rubel v Rubel, 221 Miss 848, 75 So 2d 59, 47 ALR2d 1410. An expression used in the automobile used car market, meaning an established, arbitrary value for every make, model, and year. 8 Am J2d Auto § 1042.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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