writ of assistance

writ of assistance
Process, sometimes called a writ of possession, issued by a court of equity to secure the possession of land after the title or right of possession has been finally determined: 6 Am J2d Assist § 1. A process for enforcing the right of a purchaser at a judicial sale to possession. 30A Am J Rev ed Jud S § 197. A writ under which the purchaser at an execution sale may obtain possession of the property. 6 Am J2d Assist § 6, A writ issued by an American colonial court authorizing officers of the king to call for aid and to search any premises. The writ of assistance is a summary proceeding resorted to under the rules of chancery practice to give effect to the decree, and presupposes that the rights of the parties are only such as follow upon the decree and any sale had pursuant thereto. San Jose v Fulton, 45 Cal 316, 318.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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