Australian ballot system

Australian ballot system
The term applied to the ballot used and the method and regulation of voting in American elections. The system is not exactly the same as that used in Australia. It also varies between the states, but the statutes which impose the system of voting in the different states have enough in common with each other and with the Australian plan to warrant the use of the terms "Australian ballot" and Australian ballot system. The cardinal features of the statutes are: (1) an arrangement for polling by which compulsory secrecy of voting is secured, and (2) an official ballot containing the names of all candidates, printed and distributed under state or municipal authority. Allen v Glynn, 17 Colo 338, 29 P 670; State ex rel Gipe v Nelson, 358 Mo 164, 213 SW2d 905; 26 Am J2d Elect § 204.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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