satisfactory proof

satisfactory proof
Convincing evidence. Sufficient evidence. Evidence such as to satisfy an unprejudiced mind of the truth. 30 Am J2d Ev § 1080. To be satisfied of the truth of anything implies the absence of a reasonable doubt, but it does not imply the absence of belief that there is a possibility that the thing is not true. The jury may believe there is a possibility of the defendant's innocence, and yet properly convict him; for although it may be possible he was innocent, yet they may be entirely satisfied that he was guilty. People v Phipps, 39 Cal 326, 334. In cases involving statutes requiring "satisfactory" proof of genuineness of handwriting offered for comparison, it has generally been held that the proof required is such as would require the court to find as a fact that the writing was genuine. Anno: 41 ALR2d 578. See satisfaction of jury.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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