reasonable time for transportation

reasonable time for transportation
Of passenger :transportation in time according with published time table or schedule as due care in accord with the circumstances of the case permits. 14 Am J2d Car § 881. Of freight:-transportation in such time as the mode of conveyance, the distance, the nature of the goods, the season of the year, the character of the weather, and the ordinary means for transportation under the control of the carrier. 13 Am J2d Car § 365. The meaning of the term as contemplated by a provision of a bill of lading that claims for loss, in case of failure to deliver, must be made within a specified time after the lapse of a "reasonable time for delivery," depends upon the circumstances of the particular case and means such time as is necessary conveniently to transport and make delivery of the shipment in the ordinary course of business, in the light of the circumstances and conditions surrounding the transactions. Chesapeake & 0. R. Co. v Martin, 283 US 209, 75 1, Ed 983, 51 S Ct 453.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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