public service

public service
Service rendered as a public officer or employee; service rendered in any capacity for or on behalf of the government, national, state, or local. Utility service, such as the furnishing of gas or electricity. The public service that may entitle certain individuals, including private corporations, to privileges and immunities not enjoyed by the public generally, is a public service that carries with it some measure of public control and supervision; and the right of public control and authority must precede or accompany the grant of the privilege, and be so much a part of it that the privilege cannot be exercised without incurring the responsibility and liability that attaches to the performances of public duties. The beneficiary of the grant must be, in some degree, the servant of the public, and subject to the control and authority of some public agency. This is the test to which the right to the enjoyment of special privileges by individuals and private corporations must be subjected, and by this standard their right to privileges and immunities not allowed to the general public must be adjudged. Louisville Railway Co. v Louisville Fire & Life Protective Asso. 151 Ky 644, 152 SW 799.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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