interested person

interested person
A person concerned or having an interest. Within the meaning of a statute designating persons eligible to contest a will:–one who has such an interest as may be impaired or defeated by the probate of the will or benefitted by setting it aside. Re Plaut, 27 Cal 2d 424, 164 P2d 765, 162 ALR 837. In reference to the right to appeal from a judgment, one who has some immediate legal right, or is under some legal liability, that may be enlarged or diminished by the judgment. 4 Am J2d A & E §§ 182 et seq. As a person incompetent to testify against the personal representative of a deceased person, a person having a direct legal interest, a pecuniary interest, in the result of the suit. 58 Am J1st Witn § 287. In reference to the right to intervene in an action, an interest in the matter in litigation of such direct and immediate character that the intervenes will either gain or lose by the direct legal operation and effect of the judgment. 39 Am J1st Parties § 61. A statute disqualifying a judge for relationship to "any person" interested in the proceedings has been held to disqualify a judge on the basis of his relationship to an attorney in the cause before him, where the attorney's fee was dependent upon his success. Vine v Jones, 13 SD 54, 82 NW 82. As to who is a "person interested" in the estate of a decedent under statutes apportioning the estate tax among persons interested, see Anno: 37 ALR2d 215.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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