dependent child

dependent child
A term applied to a normal child without means for self-support who must be supported by someone other than the person to whom he naturally could look for support, that is, a parent or guardian. Re Souers, 135 Misc 521, 238 NYS 738. Dependency on the part of a child is something different from the right of the child to have support, or the duty of a parent to support his children. The mere fact that the father is legally and morally bound to support his children does not necessarily establish that they are either partly or wholly dependent upon him. Dependency connotes the need of aid or support by one who entirely or partially lacks the means of supporting himself. 39 Am J1st P & C § 2. As used in statutes providing for the care of dependent, neglected and delinquent children, the term means dependent upon the public for support. State ex rel. Steams County v Klasen, 123 Minn 382, 143 NW 984; any child under the age of 18 who is destitute, or whose home by reason of neglect by the parents or either of them is an unfit place for such child, or whose father, mother, guardian, or custodian, does not properly provide for such child. Re Hudson, 13 Wash 2d 673, 126 P2d 765. The statutes on dependent children usually define what is meant by the expression "dependent child." It is said that a legislative classification of dependent children as distinguished from delinquent children is not unreasonable. Under some statutes, however, the terms "dependent child" and "delinquent child" are largely synonymous. 31 Am J Rev ed Juv Ct § 38. See delinquent children; neglected children.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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