adjacent land

adjacent land
A relative term, sometimes meaning adjacent land, at other times land in the neighborhood. In a statute authorizing a special assessment oil adjacent property, the term "adjacent" includes property in the neighborhood not actually touching the improvement, at least where the improvement is such that its benefits extend to property in the vicinity which does not lie contiguous to the improvement. 48 Am J1st Spec § 119. As it appears in a statute conferring power to condemn "land adjacent" to that occupied by a public service corporation, the term "adjacent" may in view of the context of the statute and the purpose for which the land is taken refer to neighboring land not necessarily in contact. If a strict construction of the statute is required, as it is where the statute is in derogation of private rights, the term, may be confined to lands that are adjoining or contiguous. 26 Am J2d Em D § 114.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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