• 1Reach for the Skies Ballooning Birdmen Blasting into Space , Branson R. (2011)
    As far back as stories go, pioneers have reached for the skies. In the last two hundred years, they have mastered the air and made the modern world possible. Today they are bringing outer space… 465 руб

  • 2Magnetohydrodynamic Stability of Tokamaks , Hartmut Zohm
    This book bridges the gap between general plasma physics lectures and the real world problems in MHD stability. In order to support the understanding of concepts and their implication, it refers to… 11968.57 руб электронная книга

  • 3Levels of Life , Barnes Julian (2014)
    You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed... Julian Barnes'new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief; about putting two things, and… 655 руб

  • 4Levels of Life , Julian Barnes (2014)
    In this elegant triptych of history, fiction, and memoir, Julian Barnes has written about ballooning and photography, love and grief; about putting two things, and two people, together, and tearing… 847 грн (только Украина)