Noun: An obligation or indebtedness to be paid, as a charge for merchandise or services. Merchants Exchange Nat. Bank v Commercial Warehouse Co. 49 NY 635, 639; a form under which interest taken in advance. 55 Am J1st Supp Usury § 41; Houchard v Berman, 79 Ariz 381, 290 P2d 735, 57 ALR2d 627; an expense incurred in an enterprise; an item of costs or expenses in litigation; an accusation of the commission of a crime or offense, as in an information or indictment. Hale v Henkel, 201 US 43, 59, 50 L Ed 652, 659, 26 S CI 370; Rhodes v McWilson, 202 Ala 68, 79 So 462, 1 ALR 568, 577; People v Ross, 235 Mich 433, 444, 209 NW 663, 666; the technical term for the mere statement of the offense for which one is brought before a court-martial for trial, as distinguished from the "specifications" which set forth the specific acts or omissions of the accused constituting the offense. 36 Am J1st Mil § 98; a pleading in an administrative proceeding corresponding to the complaint in an action. 2 Am J2d Admin L § 371; a provision in a will which subjects real estate of the testator to the payment of debts, of the testator or of legacies under the will. 57 Am J1st Wills §§ 1470, 1484; sometimes to the payment of annuities. 4 Am J2d Annui § 12: sometimes to the payment of taxes. Anna: 37 ALR2d 135; a lien or encumbrance upon land. First Nat. Bank v Elliott, 125 Ala 646, 27 So 7; an instruction to the jury to aid them in their deliberations and assist them in arriving at a proper verdict. Gardner v State, 27 Wyo 316, 196 P 750, 15 ALR 1040, 1046; an admonition directing the jury in respect of proper conduct in their deliberations. Verb: To impose an obligation; to enter the charge made for goods or services in an account book or by any method used in keeping the accounts of customers; to accuse one of the commission of a crime or offense; to impose against a devise the obligation of paying debts of the testator or legacies provided by his will. To instruct or advise, particularly to instruct the jury.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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