uncontrollable impulse

uncontrollable impulse
See irresistible impulse.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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  • uncontrollable impulse — n. An impulse so overwhelming that it cannot be resisted. See also irresistible impulse test, insanity. Webster s New World Law Dictionary. Susan Ellis Wild. 2000 …   Law dictionary

  • uncontrollable impulse — As an excuse for the commission of an act otherwise criminal, this term means an impulse towards its commission of such fixity and intensity that it cannot be resisted by the person subject to it, in the enfeebled condition of his will and moral… …   Black's law dictionary

  • uncontrollable — I adjective bullheaded, carried away, disobedient, disorderly, fractious, frenzied, headstrong, hysterical, impetuous, impotens, incorrigible, indocile, indomitable, insuppressible, insurgent, intractable, irrepressible, irresistable, lawless,… …   Law dictionary

  • impulse — I noun actuation, drive, encouragement, impelling force, impetus, impulsio, impulsion, impulsus, incentive, motivation, motive, pressure, push, spontaneity, spontaneous inclination, stimulant, sudden desire, sudden force, thrust associated… …   Law dictionary

  • impulse — 1. A sudden pushing or driving force. 2. A sudden, often unreasoning, determination to perform some act. 3. The action potential of a nerve fiber. [L. im pello, pp. pulsus, to push against, impel (inp )] apex i. conventionally the lowermost,… …   Medical dictionary

  • impulse — Sudden force. A spontaneous inclination of the mind prompting an immediate involvement in something not theretofore in contemplation. Curry v Federal Life Ins. Co. (Mo) 287 SW 1053, 1056. See irresistible impulse; uncontrollable impulse …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • uncontrollable urge — urge that cannot be controlled, impulse that cannot be conquered, very strong desire …   English contemporary dictionary

  • insane automatism — uncontrollable impulse, absence of sane thinking processes, condition which makes one not responsible for his criminal actions …   English contemporary dictionary

  • kleptomania — A disorder of impulse control characterized by a morbid tendency to steal. [G. klepto, to steal, + mania, insanity] * * * klep·to·ma·nia .klep tə mā nē ə, nyə n a persistent neurotic impulse to steal esp. without economic motive * * * n. a… …   Medical dictionary

  • dromomania — n. travelling fugue, psychological uncontrollable impulse or longing for travel; uncontrollable desire to wander …   English contemporary dictionary

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