rotary drilling

rotary drilling
Drilling a well by the rotation of a bit. A method frequently used in boring for oil. Boring is done by rotation of a bit attached to a steel pipe, which, when so used is called a "drill stem." A smaller bore, called a "rat hole," sometimes precedes, and is reamed out to obtain the full-sized hole. To aid operation, drilling fluid (mud laden water) is pumped into the upper end of the drill stem and escapes into the well at high velocity through holes in the bit. It rises through the space between the pipe and the earth walls of the well and carries to the surface cuttings made by the bit. It holds back and seals the penetrated formations. Hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid is very great and the fluid in a penetrated formation will not flow into the well unless it is under greater pressure. Honolulu Oil Corp. v Halliburton, 306 US 550, 83 L Ed 980, 59 S Ct 662.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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