original package

original package
That package which, according to custom respecting the particular articles shipped. is usually delivered by the vendor to the carrier for transportation and delivered as a unit to the consignee. The package, as a unit, which is delivered by the shipper to the carrier at the initial place of shipment in the exact condition in which shipped. 15 Am J2d Com § 45. The unbroken package in the original form in which used by a shipper of intoxicating liquors for shipment and delivery into dry territory, provided the receptacle used is one ordinarily used by honest dealers in the same business and is recognized commercially as a usable receptacle. 30 Am J Rev ed Intox L § 40. A well-recognized method of selling patent or proprietary medicines. 25 Am J2d Drugs § 63. A restriction upon the right to purchase or sell narcotics under the Federal Narcotic Act. 26 USC § 4704(a). The denial of the power to impose a state or local tax upon goods imported from a foreign country while they remain the property of the importer, in his warehouse, in the original form or package in which they were imported. Brown v Maryland (US) 12 Wheat 419, 6 L Ed 678. In the area of state taxation of goods transported from another state, the doctrine has been definitely rejected. Sonneborn Bros. v Cureton, 262 US 506, 67 L Ed 1095, 43 S Ct 643. Nor has the doctrine been a barrier to state regulation apart from taxation. 15 Am J2d Com § 44.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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