annual labor

annual labor
A term of the mining law otherwise known as annual assessment labor. Union Oil Co. v Smith, 249 US 337, 350, 63 L Ed 635, 641, 39 S Ct 308. 36 Am J1st Min & M § 115. The labor performed under a statute requiring the annual expenditure of a prescribed amount of money on each mining claim for labor and improvements. Labor and improvements within the meaning of the statute are deemed to have been had on a mining claim, whether it consists of one location or several, when the labor is performed, or improvements are made, for its development; that is, to facilitate the extraction of the metals it may contain; though in fact such labor and improvements may be on ground which originally constituted only one of the locations, as in sinking a shaft, or be at a distance from the claim itself, as where the labor is performed for the turning of a stream, or the introduction of water, or where the improvement consists in the construction of a flume to carry off the d6bris or waste material. De Noon v Morrison, 83 Cal 165.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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