interstate commerce

interstate commerce
Literally, commerce between states. A practical rather than a technical legal conception, impossible of comprehensive definition, but having the distinguishing feature and indispensible element of importation into one state from another state. 15 Am J2d Cem § 3. A term comprehending all commercial intercourse between different states and all the component parts of that intercourse. 15 Am J2d Com § 3. As defined in the Federal Employers' Liability Act:–acts which shall in any way directly or closely and substantially affect commerce between the states. 45 U SC § 51. Interstate transportation or work so closely related thereto as to be practically a part of it. 35 Am J1st M & S § 442. There is no single concept of interstate commerce which can be applied to every federal statute regulating commerce. McLeod v Threlkeld, 319 US 491, 87 L Ed 1538, 63 S Ct 1248. See commerce clause; engaged in interstate commerce.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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