instructions to jury

instructions to jury
To final charges given by the court to the jury upon the submission of the case to the jury, explaining the law of the case and pointing out the essentials to be proved on the one side or the other, the purpose being to furnish guidance to the jury in their deliberations, and to aid them in arriving at a proper verdict, so far as it is compe- tent for the court to assist them. 53 Am J1st Trial § 509. As usually understood, the term does not include anything which the court might say during the progress of the trial as to the purpose for which certain evidence is admitted or as to what facts have been admitted by one side or the other; oral directions to the jury to reject evidence, made when it is given; directions during the trial to disregard improper or incompetent evidence given in the examination of the witness, or to disregard prejudicial remarks of counsel; oral directions as to the form of the verdict, or other comment and statements of the trial judge as to collateral matters made during trial. 53 Am J1st Trial § 508. See abstract instruction; additional instructions; advisory instruction; argumentative instruction; conditional instruction; contradictory instruction; general instruction; indorsement of instructions; peremptory instruction.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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